At a glance

I am a professor in Radio Communications at KTH – The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. I am co-founder and long-time director of Wireless@KTH, the Center for Wireless Systems at KTH. Now I serve as the Scientific Director of that center. I belong to the Radio Communication Systems lab which I led since 1989. The lab is now part of the the department of Communication Systems.  From January 1st 2018, I am Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at KTH.

Besides my activities at KTH,  I  also hold several other positions and tasks I am involved in:

Since 2001 I am a member of the  Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) ,

In 2014 I was appointed Honorary Doctor at Alto University, Finland

My research interest are focused on the future of Wireless Systems – Infrastructures and Services. Managing the “Data Tsunami” with respect to technologies, infrastructure economics as well as spectrum and energy management I see as one of our greatest challenges ahead.  I frequently give  talks on future developments and research challenges in these area.

Look at some recent presentations I gave  about my latest research

Our latest textbook “Fundamentals of Mobile Data Networks” was published by Cambridge University Press in March 2016. MobileDatabook

If your are one of those looking for prior art to fight ridiculous patents in active networking, software defined networks  and similar stuff that seems to be  reinvented every odd decade, you can save some time by looking at some of my ancient work as Ph.D. student: Zander1981,

You can also follow my blog posts on our Wireless Community Site